Empower Yourself To Have A Natural Birth

Natural birth can be a safe and empowering experience. Our bodies are perfectly designed to give birth naturally without pain medication, c-sections, inductions, or interference of any kind.

Are you looking for an alternative to high-tech, impersonal, assembly-line birth?

• Are you questioning the necessity and safety of epidurals, induction, c-sections, and other routine birth procedures?

• Do you want a safe, empowering, and fulfilling childbirth experience for you and your baby?

• Are you seeking for ideas and information on more instinctive, intuitive ways of mothering your new baby?

Dare to Give Birth Naturally will provide you with all the answers and information that you’ve been looking for to have a safe and empowering birth and to help you find your own intuitive style of mothering.

After having attended five births in the hospital as a doula, and studying birth for five years, I knew that I didn’t want to give birth in what has come to be the “traditional” way—-in the hospital.

I gave birth to my two children at home, in water, and received them into my own hands. Their births were the most incredible and empowering experiences of my life!

Click here to read my birth story.

The knowledge that I’ve acquired and the experience that I’ve gained, enable me to give you some of the best information and resources on the web about giving birth naturally.

My hope is that after reading these pages you will have all the information you need to make informed decisions regarding your pregnancy, birth, and parenting choices. I wish you a gentle, empowering, and ecstatic pregnancy, birth, and motherhood!

Trust your body! Trust your baby! Empower yourself to have a natural birth!

UPDATE If you'd like to see what I've been busy with lately, you can visit my blog Lift Like a Mother. Oh, and baby number two was born July 5, 2012. I hope to get his birth story up soon!

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Reasons for Natural Birth
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