Hoppediz 4.5m baby wrap

by Katie Bradley
(Vancouver, WA, USA)

I absolutely LOVE my 4.5m long Hoppediz baby wrap, because it has allowed me to carry my son from the time he was born until he was more than 2 years old, simply by adjusting the way I wrap and tie this long piece of cloth. A small baby is always carried on your chest, or hip, later you can adjust to back-carried positions.
The length of cloth may sound daunting, but it has allowed both my husband and me to use it, and as baby grows you actually end up using the whole length for some of the back-carry-positions.
The Hoppediz wrap comes with a good instruction manual with info on different ways to wrap and carry your baby.
The sturdy, diagonally woven cotton ensures that baby's spine is fully supported, and also helps minimize pressure points on your own body (e.g. shoulders). I have carried my 2-year-old up 375 steps to the top of a church steeple, while wearing him on my back. I felt great, and he napped the whole time.
You can also rest assured that your baby will be safe from harmful chemicals, as it is woven from organic, toxin-free cotton. Fully washable, I've used ONE wrap for years, without any fading or holes. I machine wash the wrap if it gets soiled, and then hang it to dry.
I bought my wrap in Germany, but it is also available online in the US, Canada, and many other countries. We bought ours for about $60 (40 EUR), and it was worth every penny. Depending on the website, sale availability and which pattern you choose, it may cost more, or less.

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