Natural Birth Videos --Natural Child Birth in the Hospital

Natural birth videos of hospital births. Yes, it is possible to have a truly natural childbirth in a hospital, but it is not easy to get what you want.
In most drug-free hospital births there is still some kind of intervention, whether it is the use of continuous monitoring, directed pushing, fiddling with the perineum, forcefully pulling baby out, or keeping mother and baby separated even for a few moments.

When you are in the hospital you are on their turf and it becomes very difficult to go against the hospital's/doctor's protocol.

I show these natural birth videos to give you an idea of what it can be like and so you can compare it to the homebirth and birthing center videos.

There is no audio in some of these videos.

This mom has a natural child birth in the hospital and pushes on her own. The sitting position is certainly an improvement over lying flat on the back with legs in stirrups.

This birth attendant can't seem to keep her hands off of the mother's perineum! To me this is invasive, but it is common practice with some doctors and midwives who believe that it helps the perineum to stretch.

There is question about whether this is helpful or if its better to just let the perineum stretch on its own.

There is some rough handling of the baby and mom doesn't get to hold her baby directly after birth.

This birth is relatively laid back for a hospital birth. But, I still see intervention.

Although the mother has no drugs, the doctor directs the mom's pushing efforts, and she is lying on her back. It bothers me that he tries to push her legs open wider.

I am not sure why the doctor is clamping the cord as soon as the baby's head is born--perhaps the cord was very short? Or perhaps it was wrapped several times around baby's neck?

What I did like is that he hands baby directly to mom.

This natural child birth shows lots of good labor positions--all fours, sitting and leaning on the birth ball, and standing up. It doesn't show the actual birth, although it seems that she pushed in a semi-reclined position.

I think this birth took place in Britain. The mother appears to be breathing oxygen. I think it is great that the woman feels comfortable being naked, she has no drugs, and she pushes of her own accord. The baby is put right up into mom's arms which is always wonderful to see.

What I didn't like is that the birth attendant is fiddling with the baby as the baby crowns and then rather forcefully pulls the baby out after the birth of the head. They also intervene by suctioning the baby.

This is an old natural birth video (I'm not sure how old or from what country.)

This woman is obviously enjoying giving birth. It is so wonderful to see her smiling and laughing as she pushes.

The caregivers are very hands-off. This is not typical of the care that you would receive currently in a US hospital.

I found it humorous how the attendant ushers the father over to receive the baby!

Thank-you to these women and their families for sharing their natural births with the world!

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