Natural Childbirth Videos --Natural Child Birth in Freestanding Birth Centers

The best of homebirth and hospital birth combined. Inspiring natural childbirth videos in a freestanding birth center.

Freestanding birth centers (not affiliated or attached to a hospital are usually run and staffed by midwives.

Birth centers provide the option for natural child birth in a home-like setting with private rooms that often have their own birthing tubs or pools for laboring and/or giving birth in water.

These natural birth videos give you an idea of what it is like to have a natural birth at a birth center.

This natural child birth takes place at Baby Love Birth Center,a freestanding birth center in Cape Coral, Florida. The mother uses the Hypnobirthing method during labor and gives birth in a birthing tub.

Another hypno/waterbirth at Baby Love Birth Center.

This birth center might be a little atypical...the room is huuuge and very luxurious.

This natural child birth shows great footage of baby coming out. Mom gives birth standing as midwife gently supports the birth of the baby's head.

I love that this birth is so matter of fact and shows that women certainly don't need to be on their backs, or even sitting or reclining to give birth.

Another natural child birth in a freestanding birth center. It is so neat to see the whole family (dad and both siblings) so involved in the birth. Completely hands off on the midwives' part.

I hope you enjoyed these natural birth videos in birth centers.

Thank-you to these women and their families for sharing their birth stories!

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