Natural Childbirth Videos --Natural Birth Videos of Unassisted Homebirth

To do it right you gotta do it yourself! Natural childbirth at home not assisted by a doctor or midwife. Must see natural birth videos of unassisted home births.

Unassisted home birth (also known as freebirth, unassisted childbirth or UC) is not for everyone. But for those women who educate themselves and prepare themselves, it is a responsible and safe choice.

This is the beautiful unassisted birth of Clio Howie. It shows just how simple and straightforward birth can be.

Sonia's unassisted waterbirth

--so simple...

Lia Joy's Unassisted water birth --you can see how hard Lia Joy is working!

Here is Lia Joy's third unassisted homebirth.She has to work even harder to get this baby out--it seems there was some shoulder dystocia (shoulders were a little stuck). But Lia Joy births him with no outside interference.

An everyday miracle!

Thank-you to these women and their families for sharing their natural birth videos!

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